Multi Head Rotary Vial Capping Machine

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Multi Head Rotary Vial Capping Machine Details

The series of Multi head Rotary Vial Capping Machine are dedicated to the capping of vials for injectable products which is very critical part of the production process, since they guarantee hermetic seal & hence integrity of the drug inside the container. Depending upon the output requirement, these series of Multi head rotary vial capping machine are available in assorted configuration like 4 head, 6 head, 8 head & 12 head. The series of multi head Rotary vial capping machines can deliver output of 120 Vials per minute to 400 vials per minute depending upon selected configuration.

Multi head Rotary Vial Capping Machine are incessant motion rotary machines for application & sealing of conventional flip-off caps & tear-off cap. The Unique features of machine is “No Vial - No Capping” system & Gradual pressure sealing (GPS) system. Due to GPS system, sealing quality is of fine quality & they guarantee perfect hermetic seal. Rotary Vial capping machine are designed to promise a capping process with lowest particle generation & these machines are suitable for installation in conventional type contamination-controlled environments & under isolator.

In Sequence of Working of Vial Capping machine , First Load the Sufficient caps in Vibratory Bowl. The Vials are received from in feed of conveyor and moved to feed worm assy. through the slat conveyor. Feed worm will create space between two vials, before it is moved in in-feed star wheel.Vibratory bowl feeds the cap into the cap chute continuously. If there is no sufficient caps in chute, NO-CAP sensor (Fiber optic Sensor) will give signal to control panel & Machine will Stop. Now, at In feed star vial index further, take a cap from chute and transfer to Main capping turret unit. capping head & Turret rotate clockwise, move down the cam operated capping head one by one with cap die, hold the vial with cap, rotate further and sealing chuck will make a thread on cap & seal it properly.After completion of cap sealing procedure at rotary capping station, capping head moves up and release the sealed vial. Now at out feed star plate, neat and cleaned capped vials will index further and transfer to discharge end of conveyor.Finally, vial moves to the other on-line connected machine through the conveyor. Totalizer (Counter) will give information of Total No. of capped/sealed vials.

Sailent Feature

Our Vial Capping Machine Is Available With Following State Of The Art Features:
Quite Compact & Modular Design.

  • CGMP Model.
  • Very Effortless Design Thus Results In User Friendly Operation & Minimum Maintenance.
  • Parts Coming In Contact With The Vial, Aluminum Cap Are Made Out Of AISI 304.
  • Minimum Size Change-over & Set-up Times
  • Specially Developed & Designed Cam Which Applies Gradual Pressure During Sealing Process Thus Results In To Wrinkle Free Sealing & Qualitative Hermetic Sealing.
  • Sealing Pressure Can Be Varied According To Diverse Sizes Of Flip Off Caps & Tear Off Caps.
  • An Extraordinary Safety Clutch Device Is Incorporated On Star Wheel System For Stoppage Of Machine In The Event Via Gets Overturned Or In Any Jamming.
  • Lowest Particle Generation. As An Option, Specially Designed Viton Sealing Roller & Pneumatic Sealing Head Available.
  • All Electronics, Gear Motor And Gear Box Are Of CE Certified.
  • “No Cap – No Vial” System.

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